The Cato Group incorporates Michael Boltman and Pia Abrahams’ evolving group of workplace first aid brands. It reflects our diversity of interests with a vision to creating healthy futures spanning communications, energy, retail, innovation and new product development.

Since 2000, our main focus has been first aid and emergency supplies, trading as Brenniston First Aid. In that time we have also acquired RJ Hee First Aid and created Student First Aid. Today, we work across industry with retailers, emergency services, government, manufacturing and Work Health and Safety suppliers.

No one could accuse us of being an overnight success. Our adventure in first aid began when we extricated a once-successful company from the ravages of receivership. After years of trials and tribulations, our customers and suppliers returned to trust the brand – our brand – again. Today we deliver what we promise, which is testament to our capable and dedicated team.

Our particular interest is the nexus between health and technology. We’re working with developers to revolutionise smart health care monitoring, reporting and supplies, and with another innovator in remote telemedicine.

Creating a healthy future requires collaboration across national borders and human endeavour – from technology, engineering, bio-engineering, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, education and training, behavioural economics and multi-faceted medicine.

Our passion is to pilot platforms that have the capacity to improve health and wellbeing at scale. Our role is to bring health and safety to every workplace, every day.